Lighting Tower Kipor KLB 400-4 LED (USED) ***4 AVAILABLE***

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Lamps x Power:

After developing various backup and prime power systems, KIPOR is increasing its power systems offerings and introducing innovative products for industry.

The KIPOR mobile light towers can be utilized in a variety of situations such as construction sites, disaster recovery, industry, mining, and event lighting.

KIPOR light towers are equipped with KIPOR high quality digital generators. The new mobile light towers feature high wind resistance and a wide area of illumination.

KIPOR’s compact mobile light towers are designed for a compact and efficient installation. You can choose the suitable power and light levels to fit your requirements.

Both the telescoping mast and illumination angle of the lights can be easily adjusted giving the operator great flexibilityin lighting the area. The tower is designed to be user friendlyin terms of both operation and handling.

Floodlight model
Lamp power (W) -No. of lamp1000-4 W
Total power of the lamps4000 W
Luminuous flux440000 lm
Mast4 stages lifting mast
Lifting limit of the mast2100-4900
Dimensions (LxWxH) (after retreating)1180 x 790 x 2100 mm
Inclination≤10 degrees
Windproof ability≤6 grade
Dry weight135 kg
Lamp base typeMetal halide
Standard genset
Prime power5500 W
Standby power6000W
Overall dimensions802 x 495 x 655 mm

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