Kipor KGFC500 Tracked Dump Transporter 1100 lb Capacity (USED)

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Depending on advanced technology in agricultural machinery and abundant pragmatic application experience, KIPOR has recently developed a series of mini transporters to diversify our product groups and meet various strict demands of our customers for field transportation and specific cargo movement.

Ever since their birth, KIPOR mini transporters attract concerns from home and abroad for both its small size and amazing services. With the unique track pattern, KIPOR mini transporters are your cost effective and user-friendly solution for moving large or bulky items across varied terrains under limited circumstances.

Easy Operation

This is a mini-sized crawler dumper for transporting crops, sand, and something that is too heavy or big to handle. This kind of machine is simple to operate, and the controls give you a precise feel. The design provides both speed and economy of operation with excellent grade ability.

Performance for Hard Work

The sturdy purpose-built undercarriage is featured by rubber tracks and solid steel rocking rollers ensuring a smooth ride for the operator and minimum ground damage. In some restricted area like unpaved land, orchard farms, field, vineyards, hills, or a place where paths are narrow, a KIPOR mini transporter is very useful resulting from its compact size and great loading capacity.

Two speed modes

Giving access to the most confined spaces allows the smooth forward and reverse operation of large loads with ease. Max.4.3km/h forward speed, plus reverse, combined with the hydraulic tip dumper body to give an extremely versatile workhorse.

Strong power

Fitted with KIPOR GK205 OHV gasoline engine, the tracked power dumper can be used to transport all types of materials across sloping ground, around obstacles, and through narrow gateways.

Safer use

Wheeled carriers struggle when ground becomes wet and boggy, but KIPOR’s mini transporters will not. They show excellent performance even on unpaved wetland or at construction site.

Direction changeable clutch on specially designed handles avoids personal injury to ensure operator safety.

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