Is Your Lawn Ready for

Cooler Climates?


Cold Weather Prep

Colder weather is coming and what better time to prep your lawn than now! The first task that is crucial to a well-groomed lawn is a two-step feeding process. Fertilize your lawn in early fall as it will assist with grassroot growth and overall rebuild. This first fertilization targets the grassroots that were dried out during the summer months. We don’t know about you but we love a good multitasking project and getting more bang for your buck! A perfect way to incorporate a double project out of this first fertilization is to include weed and feed to kill those obnoxious interlopers like dandelions, clover, etc.

Follow Up and Watering

Complete a follow-up feed around 6-8 weeks after that first fertilization. This will provide your tall grass with the added nutrients necessary for energy storage to harness for the winter and push through to the spring. It is imperative that these seedlings are watered after fertilization to ensure they reach a mowable height. On the very last cut of the season cut your grass an inch or two lower than normal so the sunlight can reach the crown of the grass.

A Fix for those Barren Patches

An added task that is beneficial to your yard is to find those rough,dry, barren spots. These will be those areas of your yard that need the extra TLC. These are spots left behind from the kiddie pool, trampoline, etc. Find repair patch and grow to fill those barren areas and to help supplement your yard overall.

Leave the Fallen Leaves?

Have you heard that leaving the fallen leaves on your lawn insulates the grass for those cold winter months? Unfortunately, it’s quite the opposite. Leaving an abundance of leaves on a lawn will not only suffocate the grass it also prevents sunlight, appropriate air exchange, and water flow penetration yielding in thin grass or even worse, dead grass.

Equipment Care

As the season is wrapping up and you’ve cut the grass, raked the leaves, and collected your lawn tools for the last time remember to winterize all of your equipment. This is the perfect time to clean all of your tools thoroughly, check for small engine maintenance, oil changes, and other routine checks to keep your equipment up to par! At 5G Equipment Rentals, we offer preventative maintenance, seasonal maintenance, diagnostic review and so much more.

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